Thursday, July 24, 2014

How would you feel?

Hi guys,
I don't know what to say..
I'm very speechless!
This is totally madness!
Some act like they don't care, 
some are actually do care with what happened in Palestine
How would you feel if you saw your parents get killed? 
How would you feel if then you were kicked out of your home? 
How would you feel if, after trying to fight the ones who stole your home, you were killed? 
How would you feel if after you were killed, the Media called you a terrorist and agreed to your death? 
How would you feel if then the world agreed and continued to call you a terrorist? 
How would you feel if then your family after your death continued to live under an occupation? 
How would your soul feel watching everyday a family member getting killed? 
How would your soul feel watching your little brother’s body shut down and die just from the fear? 

You would feel like a Palestinian

This is a map that explain everything.
Let the picture do the talk

think again if u still choosing Israel as 'the victim' here
imagine if Israel do the same to your country
what are you gonna do?
will you fight for your country?
or just let Israel kill everything and take over everything?

here an example to open your eyes if you still don't understand
imagine Palestine is your country..and Israel take over it bit by bit..

or this 

make a choice
and choose it wisely
you sure don't want it happened to your own country right?

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